Monday, June 16, 2008

Silly Me!

It has been so long since I changed my blog...I forgot how to sign in...

Have been too busy working and quilting. My latest quilt was for a wedding yesterday! It is from the Melon Patch book and when I saw the picture, I just had to recreate the quilt! That and finding a quilt that works in black and white is difficult at the best of time!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Promised pictures

Here are the promised pictures of the quilts that I finished piecing during my retreat. I am working on getting the chocolate one on my frame today. Along with doing laundry and coping with a mini blizzard here in Manitoba.

It is not very pretty here when the wind is howling and the temperature without the windchill is -25c.

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Month

I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat last weekend. The inspiration and support from 71 other ladies was amazing. Came back inspired and renewed. Unfortunately, I did forget my camera...silly me! Worst thing I could have forgotten!

I almost got my two quilts together. I will be finishing the borders on the second quilt tonight! Then get the backing ready and onto the frame.

I do have to say, there was alot of talk about this quilt pattern Exclamation. Everyone was thinking of the kind of fabrics that you could use with it. Talk of oriental prints and batiks was on everyone's lips. It is the kind of pattern that one can use for showcasing fabrics. And so easy to construct. The fun thing was, another quilter was making the same quilt. Different colours of course, but the same pattern. It was interesting to discuss the pattern and different techniques.

I will of course post a picture after I get the borders on the last quilt tonight.

Oh, and I found a quilter to show me back basting! It will change my life....

However, I can't start anything new until I get more of my WIPs done.

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Planning for Quilting Retreat

January 21st, 2008

It is so cold here today...just want to be at home quilting!!!

However, have a weekend retreat planned, so I am looking forward to getting out to the country and quilt with a whole group of quilters.

I am planning on making the Exclamation Quilt from Blue Meadows Design. One in Pink and Blue and the other in Chocolate and Blue. This pattern was published in the Quilts and More Magazine

I am looking foward to seeing it together in my colour combination.

The dots are being made and there are pictures here...

Have to go and handsew some more. I need 13 for each quilt and I am just over half done. Then to cut all my fabric so I can spend less time cutting and more time quilting!

Colour Quilt #1

Colour Quilt #2

Hopefully I can get this all ready for Friday and
work full time as well!

Wish me luck!