Thursday, November 22, 2012

One of mine!

I have finally finished one of my own quilts. It was last years Border Creek mystery came in 2 colourways. This is one way.

It is Moda Etchings in the aqua colour

This was the other colourways and was made by a friend Lesley. Also Moda Etchings. What lovely fabric.

I am gifting mine to a family member. I quilted it with Anne Brights panto called Pearl Feathers and used the new Omni thrrad from Superior. I was able to find the perfect colour thread which is important with this pantograph. You can't have the pearls stand out too much because what circle is ever perfect.

Lesley's quilt was another Anne Bright pantograph called Damask.

Happy quilting! Off to work! :(

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Amazing Radiant Star

Maris made this Radiant Star Quilt using the Eleanor Burns method. Finished size is 108x108. It is a beautiful large quilt. It took FOREVER to quilt, not only because it was large, but lots of family stuff going on too. Dad had knee replacement surgery and we moved them from their house of 30 years to a brand new apartment block for 55+.

You can see the continuous curve in the star with a tan coloured thread which ended with a lovely pattern in the centre. One border was the 6" leaf pile border from Donna Reinarts. The next border is diamonds with a line filler in between. I wanted to define one border to follow the star. Following border was an oak leaf stencil and finally Ii treated the cream frame of the star centre as another border, using half circles to create curved diamonds in the centre to mirror the cc in the star. The corner blocks and the setting triangles were quilted with a leaf and feather motif taken from the Quiltmaker volume of designs.

It was alot of work but i think the quilt deserved something special because the piecing was so well done! I hope that Maris is happy! I was and "off the frame" sounded so sweet when I was done. I had to turn the quilt 4 times to accomodate the square and triangle designs. They were 20" in size and my Nolting has a 24" throat.

One more picture?

Happy quilting everyone!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Since posting on my blog about not finding an app for posting on my blog, I thought i would go back to the app store. I found this one app and am testing it out. The actual blogger app is for iphone and ipod only. Not for ipads. There is a document for google, but it isnt free. This one is.

I have been making pillows for my living room. Using up fabric is a good thing. Right? One of my dogs is enjoying it anyways.

Now lets try to post this to my blog.

Woo hoo! It works!
BUT you can't edit previous posts...if you go into one to do it, it posts another copy of the post with your edits.  I did this one on the computer.
Oh, and the app is called DraftCraft Free

My Demise - My I Pad

How many of you out there have an I Pad.  It has been my downfall for keeping up with my blog...
Sorry, but they don't seem to have an App for Blogger :(

I take pictures with my IPad and then can't load the pictures on any of my yahoo groups or on my blog.  You would think that we would move forward...not backwards.

So, here is a little eye candy that I emailed myself from my IPad of projects done and projects in the works...Enjoy and happy quilting everyone.

Bright Basket weave quilt with Heartz and Stars pantograph

City quilt front and back.  Freehand herringbone in black sashing and 1/2 inch outline with monopoly on coloured fabrics.  Both quilts above by Jane Stewart.

Quilters Romance Mystery quilt by Border Creek Station.  Quilted with Damask pantograph by Anne Bright.  Quilt made by Lesley.

And finally an unquilted "Go Fish" by Buggy Barn.  This is one that I have made for the Humane Society Ball in November.  Just have to find time to put it on the frame...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back from Kansas

Gosh.  It has been so long since I posted that I couldn't tell what button to push.  Sorry about that!
I have recently returned from MQS - Machine Quilters Showcase.  Learned TONS and had a revelation or ah ha moment as Oprah would say!  I have found that there is a label for what I do on my personal quilts, or what draws my attention when I look at others.

I am a modern quilter.

I took a class from Angela Walters at the conference.  Looking back at my quilts, it all makes sense now.  Modern quilts have alot of negative space, like the black and white one above.  This quilt was done in 2008 and so was the one underneath it.

We also took an afternoon and attended Spring Quilt Market.  It was so overwhelming.  Every fabric company and pattern designer was there.  Angela has a new book coming out and I was able to look at it there.  Came home and ordered it on 

So now even tho I am a modern quilter, I still quilt traditional quilts.  I still love all quilts, but the modern ones make my heart go zing.  Who would have guessed.  Oh, and I still make traditional quilts.  :)

Happy Quilting everyone.  I have quilts in the que...and will be posting some pictures soon!