Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other quilts to view

Here are some more quilts to see.  Most are pantographs.  There is one more custom quilt that I did, but I am waiting to see how it did in the contest before I post it :)

This is a quilt by another Andrea...who has been one of my best customers :)  I love this quilt and wish I could have done a custom job on it but I just didn't have the time.  It is a pantograph I have used before.  It is called Novoya Zhisn

Another quilt by Andrea which has the Raindrop pantograph.  I love this pantograph.  It is so simple, but the quilt looks so lovely when it is done.

The front and then the back.  Doesn't it look elegant?

Catching Up

So, another quilt is off the frame.  I thought I would take a moment and update with some pictures.

First, a custom quilt, a native blanket.  This is done in the traditional way of stitch in the ditch with dreamcatcher motifs in the four corners of the star.

Andrea made this quilt and did a lovely job of the piecing.  It was a pleasure to quilt, however, I am thinking that traditional quilting of native quilts should have a little bit of overhaul, but that is just my humble opinion.  We don't always want to mess with tradition.

You see, my concern is the open area around the dreamcatcher motif.  It needs to be firmed up with a simple background filler.  However I do like the chevron effect in the center of the star points.

Tell me what you think!

After this post, I was told that these quilts are seldom used.  They are hung on a wall to admire.  Maybe the open spaces are not a concern after all. :)