Monday, January 21, 2008

Planning for Quilting Retreat

January 21st, 2008

It is so cold here today...just want to be at home quilting!!!

However, have a weekend retreat planned, so I am looking forward to getting out to the country and quilt with a whole group of quilters.

I am planning on making the Exclamation Quilt from Blue Meadows Design. One in Pink and Blue and the other in Chocolate and Blue. This pattern was published in the Quilts and More Magazine

I am looking foward to seeing it together in my colour combination.

The dots are being made and there are pictures here...

Have to go and handsew some more. I need 13 for each quilt and I am just over half done. Then to cut all my fabric so I can spend less time cutting and more time quilting!

Colour Quilt #1

Colour Quilt #2

Hopefully I can get this all ready for Friday and
work full time as well!

Wish me luck!


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It's sad how much work interferes with quilting. On the other hand, it does help support our habits...