Friday, December 17, 2010

Check out Blue Moon River Blog - giveaway

Here is a great giveway for the holiday season!  Check out my favorite quilter's blog and leave a comment to win.

Season's Greetings everyone :)


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here is Custom Quilt #2

This is Giselle's quilt.  It is her first quilt and obviously has some meaning because there were wonderful pictures of her family.  She didn't want the pictures quilted, which is fine and I probably would have only outlined them which would have meant alot of starts and stops.  The result was a meander around the photos to stabilize them and then I took a hint from the fabric and in the pieced blocks, did a funky flower in the center of each.
The border is piano keys with the corners showing the same little funky flower, but smaller, with a meander around it.

I used Signature thread for this quilt, all in black.  I did stabilize the yellow sashing with a monofilament thread.

I think it turned out pretty cute!

Sorry, I tried to get the slide show embedded in the post.  It comes up in the preview window correctly but when I try to publish it, all I get is the square with the dreaded red "x" in the corner.  Will try and find out how to get it within the post so you don't get forwarded to flickr.  This will have to do for now :)

Okay...1st Slide show

Let's give this a try.  Here is the first custom quilt done on my new system.  This is Jan's quilt.  Large vertical panels with applique.  The top turned out great, however with the lack of vertical seams, it was hard to stabilize enough of the quilt to get a smooth back.  Unfortunately unless I had basted the quilt before I started quilting it, I don't see how I could have avoided it.  Unless I did the can trick which probably would have caused folds near the fish border which I had already stabilized before I started doing the centre panels.

If anyone else has a suggestion or trick to avoid this, please send me an email.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 many Pictures

I was going to load some pictures tonight, but it is taking forever to get them uploaded.  I will set up a slide show for you and post it on my blog tomorrow.

There are 2 custom quilts and the others are various panotgraphs.  The custom quilts were done mostly with Signature threads and the pantographs are done with King Tut...
However, there is one Jenny Beyer quilt that was done with Lava thread, again by Superior.  The thread was just perfect for the quilt.  It took alot to get it to work, but once it turned out beautiful.  A simple pattern for a very elegant quilt.

I will try and put captions with the quilts.  Not sure if that works with slide shows, but I will try anything at least once.

Until tomorrow :)
Nighty, Night!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Xmas Rush

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but I have been busy with the Christmas rush.  One more quilt that is promised before the big day....
I will be posting pictures soon!

I did my first couple of custom quilts on my new system and understand the term "bread and butter" now.  Maybe I will get a chance to sit down tonight and give you some eye candy.  There are some really pretty quilts landing up on my frame. :)

Stay tuned...I promise it will be worth it!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

So, what is on your bed?

I finally have a quilt on my bed that I can sleep under :)

This is a jelly roll pattern, I believe it was "Quilt Magazine" and it went together so quickly.  The quilting design is Mariposa by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz, which is butterflies and flowers.  Very pretty, but your tension has to be pretty accurate because the small bends in the pattern can cause some puckering.
I used King Tut Parchment and bottom line.

Are you seeing a pattern to my thread choices?
Of course, you have to see it on my bed.  The "girls" weren't too sure what to think of it as it is not as puffy as the duvet that used to be on the bed.
You will notice that they are sleeping on the quilt and NOT on the mat that is specifically for them!  GRRRR!

Here is a picture of the quilt that I did for Kelly at the local quilt store, Quilt as Desired.  This is the quilt that I had to frog (rip it, rip it).  If you know any particulars about Thimbleberry quilts...they are always BIG!...  Rob gave me permission to post this!

The pantograph used on this quilt was Novaya Zhizn by Beany Girl Quilts available through Willow Leaf Studios.  The thread is again, King Tut - Bedouin which is very similar to Signature - Mother Goose, but a bit more blending IMHO.  Because I was having tension issues at the time, I used Essentials from Connecting Threads in the bobbin, just to balance the weight of the threads.

Well, my order came from Superior (do you believe that I did not have a blue thread that I could use as bobbin thread?).

At least I can get back to quilting :)

Have a great Thanksgiving to all the Canadians.  Enjoy the Turkey!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am in Business!

Okay, so it has been a while since I posted...and yes, there are reasons.  First there was a quilt where everything that could go wrong did.  Mostly it was tension issues.  I should have stopped...but I didn't and it took me a long time to rip out all the quilting.  The tension demons were resolved (I stopped using the pigtail on the bobbin case) and I finally got the quilt back to the customer, and she was happy.  Of course, it had to happen with the owner of the local quilt store...I haven't got her permission to post a picture, but I will...

Morale of that story, next time, stop....

After that I got 3 more quilts off the frame, with a stop in between to celebrate my 50th birthday.  Hubby got me an IPod Touch which will keep me company or in the groove while I quilt...THANKS HONEY!! ....

Here is one of the quilts I own for my sister.  Thought I should do one that wasn't a customer's quilt ;)

I used Superior King Tut thread called Riverbend and the panto was Feathered Leaf from Jodi Beamish at Willow Leaf Studio.  I loved the way the pattern flowed.  If the customers wants a feathery type of pattern, I would certainly show them this one.
Just have the binding to do and I can get this to my sister. She is excited to have a quilt for herself.

This quilt was made by Gail Peterkin for her is called Bent Pieces by Maple Island Quilts.  She added some extra borders to increase the size and the fabrics she used just made it sing.

We used the Feathers with a Twist pantograph from Lorien Quilting and the thread was Sand Dunes from Signature thread.  The end result is quite stunning.  I think her sister will just LOVE her present.

I also did a baby quilt for another customer.  It was so cute, but I really need to get into the habit of getting permission to post pictures on my blog.  I always get wrapped up in the excitement of delivering the final product, that I forget to ask.

Well, I have to get MY quilt off the frame so I can load a rush wedding present that is being dropped off this afternoon.  Hopefully I won't have any gremlins show up during the quilting...

Will post again soon!  Have to show you this quilt, because I will finally finish one for my bed!  It is a jelly roll quilt made with Moda Fresh Cottons and turned out so nice.  I can hardly wait to sleep under it.

Happy Quilting everyone!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First off the frame

The first of the quilts are now off the frame.  Before going to Kansas, I was having tension problems galore, however after returning I was able to make friends with Kiwi...

The trick was starting to use the same thread on top as I did on the bottom.  Before I left, I was trying to use Superior Bottom Line and King Tut.  When I came home, I used Signature thread top and bottom and really loosened up my bobbin thread.  The result?, well I think it speaks for itself.

Remember the frame shot from my last post?  This is my disappearing Nine Patch made with Fig and Plum charm packs.  The pantograph is Fancy Free from Willow Leaf Studios.

Then there is a quilt made with the Moda William Morris fabric for a friend's wedding.  The pantograph is Heartstrings. 

If you click on the actual will come up with a larger view and you can see the quilting better ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It is finally here! Meet Kiwi

Well, I have officially become a longarm quilter! My long awaited new machine is safely tucked in its new home...hooked up and working :)

Feast your eyes!

Of course it took alot to get it a fork lift and tilt trailer

That is Dear Hubby, supervising...who is also certified to use a forklift, so he was watching very carefully! :)

It did spend its first night in the garage tho!
Anyways, at least I got to practice a little before I head down to Kansas.
Will try and be a little more regular in my posting...especially since Peggi is a loyal follower and gives me heck occasionally!  Right Peggi? ;)

Well, time to hit the sack...more practice tomorrow!