Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back from Kansas

Gosh.  It has been so long since I posted that I couldn't tell what button to push.  Sorry about that!
I have recently returned from MQS - Machine Quilters Showcase.  Learned TONS and had a revelation or ah ha moment as Oprah would say!  I have found that there is a label for what I do on my personal quilts, or what draws my attention when I look at others.

I am a modern quilter.

I took a class from Angela Walters at the conference.  Looking back at my quilts, it all makes sense now.  Modern quilts have alot of negative space, like the black and white one above.  This quilt was done in 2008 and so was the one underneath it.

We also took an afternoon and attended Spring Quilt Market.  It was so overwhelming.  Every fabric company and pattern designer was there.  Angela has a new book coming out and I was able to look at it there.  Came home and ordered it on 

So now even tho I am a modern quilter, I still quilt traditional quilts.  I still love all quilts, but the modern ones make my heart go zing.  Who would have guessed.  Oh, and I still make traditional quilts.  :)

Happy Quilting everyone.  I have quilts in the que...and will be posting some pictures soon!


pwl said...


Have you thought of joining a modern quilters guild?


Sandy said...

None that I know of in my area! May have to start one ;)