Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Since posting on my blog about not finding an app for posting on my blog, I thought i would go back to the app store. I found this one app and am testing it out. The actual blogger app is for iphone and ipod only. Not for ipads. There is a document for google, but it isnt free. This one is.

I have been making pillows for my living room. Using up fabric is a good thing. Right? One of my dogs is enjoying it anyways.

Now lets try to post this to my blog.

Woo hoo! It works!
BUT you can't edit previous posts...if you go into one to do it, it posts another copy of the post with your edits.  I did this one on the computer.
Oh, and the app is called DraftCraft Free


pwl said...

Very pretty!

pwl said...

Let us know how the new machine works for quilting ;-)