Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Year, New Quilts

Okay, by now you realize that I never kept a diary when I was younger...and I am not keeping a journal now. Postings have been sporatic and almost non existent. This is because I have been so busy...working, vacationing, and yes, quilting.

I made a new years resolution that I would not start any new projects until I finished some of my PhDs. I am happy to report that I am doing quite well, but the new projects are piling up and calling my name. Does that sound familiar?

I have finished my mother's quilt...finally...

And I have finished a quilt for me. Here is my first quilt that I own (actually it is my second, but we won't talk about the one residing in my DH's trunk)

It was a mystery Suduko quilt done the CQOL, a yahoo group for Canadian Quilters!
Both have my new favorite panto...Gingko Leaves...a pretty clamshell pattern!
AND, I have another quilt for me on the frame. My mystery Border Creek Station quilt - Road to Minnesota. I am quilting this with Dusty Miller, just wait until you see it!
Upcoming projects include...2 baby quilts...teaching a tote bag course at my local guild...AND is it May yet? I am going to Kansas for the International Machine Quilters Showcase...workshops with Karen McTavish, Sally Terry and Dawn Cavanaugh...and lots and lots of shopping and trying out new machines...
Do I sound excited? I can hardly wait...
Okay, enough for one evening...I have to go quilt...LOL!
Enjoy the just never know what will happen ;)

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pwl said...

Very nice - as always - you're *way* ahead of me in your work. And I'm envious of your upcoming trip.