Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It is finally here! Meet Kiwi

Well, I have officially become a longarm quilter! My long awaited new machine is safely tucked in its new home...hooked up and working :)

Feast your eyes!

Of course it took alot to get it here...like a fork lift and tilt trailer

That is Dear Hubby, supervising...who is also certified to use a forklift, so he was watching very carefully! :)

It did spend its first night in the garage tho!
Anyways, at least I got to practice a little before I head down to Kansas.
Will try and be a little more regular in my posting...especially since Peggi is a loyal follower and gives me heck occasionally!  Right Peggi? ;)

Well, time to hit the sack...more practice tomorrow!


pwl said...

And about time too, if I do say so! Maybe some day I'll get to come out and meet Kiwi! ;-)

Sandy said...

LOL...I would love that :)

Lori Becker said...

Holy @#$?@ sweetie - that thing is HUGE! Sure do miss our annual west coast get togethers! Love Lor