Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First off the frame

The first of the quilts are now off the frame.  Before going to Kansas, I was having tension problems galore, however after returning I was able to make friends with Kiwi...

The trick was starting to use the same thread on top as I did on the bottom.  Before I left, I was trying to use Superior Bottom Line and King Tut.  When I came home, I used Signature thread top and bottom and really loosened up my bobbin thread.  The result?, well I think it speaks for itself.

Remember the frame shot from my last post?  This is my disappearing Nine Patch made with Fig and Plum charm packs.  The pantograph is Fancy Free from Willow Leaf Studios.

Then there is a quilt made with the Moda William Morris fabric for a friend's wedding.  The pantograph is Heartstrings. 

If you click on the actual picture...it will come up with a larger view and you can see the quilting better ;)


pwl said...

Very nice! When I click on the pictures I'm able to see the quilting. I'm in awe of your work! So - when are you going to teach me everything you know? :-)

Sandy said...

Whenever you make it to my home :) Kind of hard to pack up Kiwi on a road trip LOL

Chakatoria said...

Gorgeous Quilts! Keep up the good work :)