Wednesday, December 15, 2010 many Pictures

I was going to load some pictures tonight, but it is taking forever to get them uploaded.  I will set up a slide show for you and post it on my blog tomorrow.

There are 2 custom quilts and the others are various panotgraphs.  The custom quilts were done mostly with Signature threads and the pantographs are done with King Tut...
However, there is one Jenny Beyer quilt that was done with Lava thread, again by Superior.  The thread was just perfect for the quilt.  It took alot to get it to work, but once it turned out beautiful.  A simple pattern for a very elegant quilt.

I will try and put captions with the quilts.  Not sure if that works with slide shows, but I will try anything at least once.

Until tomorrow :)
Nighty, Night!

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